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I want to offer everyone the chance to experience childbirth

The birth of my daughter was a life-changing moment for me. I became a mother, which led me to study gynaecology and specialise in obstetrics. Women’s bodies undergo a fascinating transformation on the way to motherhood. I wanted to be part of it through my work.

Ultimately, chance brought me to work in the field of fertility treatments. My employer at the time, Central Ostrobothnia Central Hospital, did not have any physicians who specialised in fertility examinations and treatments, so I decided to go for it. I took study trips to Oulu and started providing fertility treatments.

I was fascinated by the topic of infertility, and it became evident to me that I wanted to continue my career in this particular field of medicine. In 2013, I heard about the Fertinova clinic in Helsinki, looked into it and decided to apply for the position of specialist. The clinic gave me the green light, and here I am still.

How many jobs can you think of where you can make people’s heart-felt wishes come true?

I can sincerely say that I love my job. I know from experience what it means to have a child, and at the clinic, we do everything in our power to make our clients’ dreams of a child come true.

Modern fertility treatments are an advanced branch of science, and success rates keep increasing as new methods are discovered. However, I still want to emphasise the power of the human mind. I always remind my patients to be patient at the start of the treatment process. The right timing is everything when one tries to get pregnant, so hurrying up will not take us anywhere. Physical and mental relaxation also play a role in the outcome of the treatment. Part of my job is to help my clients calm down and reflect on what’s happening.

At the moment, I am particularly excited about egg freezing, a new form of treatment that allows women to extend their fertility. Career plans don’t always go hand in hand with the biological clock, and sometimes, the pressure to start a family might become unbearable. Eggs age and undergo quality changes long before the menopause, which means freezing one’s egg before the age of 35 gives women more time, for example, to find the right partner, and extends their window of having genetic offspring.

I commit to the treatment of my patients so thoroughly that I need something to take my mind off work in my spare time. Luckily, I have two horses and a dog as my go-to therapists. Saddling up and going for a long ride in the woods is the perfect way to unwind after a day at the clinic. Both of my horses are partly Arabian. If you are unfamiliar with horse breeds, I can tell you that Arabian horses are known for their strong own will and temperament. They are guaranteed to keep me busy. And when I go to the stables before work, I am always full of energy to make my patients’ wishes come true.

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