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We at Ovumia have a long experience in donor egg IVF treatments. In fact we have been doing egg donation treatments for over 25 years already. Our long experience has helped us to create a smooth and easy process for a patient who is in a need for IVF with donor eggs. Just follow these short steps and you are already much closer to your dream of having a baby of your own.

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IVF with donor egg: process step by step

  1. Contact our patient coordinator. Coordinator will help you to book a Teams meeting or a first time visit with one of our doctors.
  2. Meet the doctor with Temas or face to face.
  3. Your personal patient coordinator will provide you with further instructions and guide you through the whole egg donation process.
  4. Our donor coordinator matches you with the best possible donor. You can wish for certain characteristics (height, eye, hair and skin colour).
  5. Fresh or frozen eggs? In the frozen donor egg IVF process your endometrium is medically prepared for the embryo transfer (with fresh donor eggs your cycle is also synchronized with the donor). You can do this and the follow-up ultrasounds in your own country. We thaw the eggs and fertilize them with your husband’s fresh or frozen sperm or use donor sperm (in egg donor treatment with fresh eggs this needs to be done on donor’s egg retrieval day). After a few days we will do the embryo transfer (and freeze all other good quality embryos) or freeze all the embryos to be used later in the frozen embryo transfer.
  6. You can take a pregnancy test 2 weeks after the embryo transfer. You have over 60 % chance to get pregnant with the first attempt!

Contact our international patient coordinator for more information or to book an appointment with us:

Nina Pohjanaho

International patient coordinator
Nina Pohjanaho
+358 40 623 4443
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