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Are you considering undergoing donor egg treatment in Finland?

More and more people from abroad are undergoing donor egg –based infertility treatments in Finland. At Ovumia, you can start the process at your earliest convenience. Patient coordinator, mid-wife Päivi Virta is there to assist you every step of the way. With 26 years of experience in the international field, no question is too big or small for Päivi.

Whether or not to undergo infertility treatment in Finland is a significant decision to make. There may be a million questions on your mind as well as concerns due to not knowing what to expect. What is Finland like? What is the culture and how are the people like? Are the treatments safe? How does Finnish law regulate infertility treatments? What exactly is going to take place during the treatment process?
For Päivi, these questions are familiar, as she has been coordinating treatments for international clients for almost 26 years to date. According to Päivi, nothing is more important to clients than having someone who listens and is there to provide answers when needed.

– Clients can reach me via email almost 24/7. My nights are reserved for sleeping though, she laughs.
– If a client is considering undergoing donor egg treatment at our clinic and contacts me, I will provide them with all the necessary information. For example, I will explain that according to Finnish law, a child born with the help of donor eggs, has the right to know the identity of the donor when turning 18 years old. I will also inform the client about the possibility to utilize Ovumia’s frozen egg bank as an alternative to fresh donor eggs. Furthermore, I will explain the treatment process in detail.

If the client decides to start treatment at Ovumia, Päivi will schedule the first appointment with an infertility doctor. The appointment can be conducted via Skype. Päivi also asks the client to send the relevant information and documentation to the clinic.

– After the first appointment I will contact the client and go over the information provided by the doctor once more. I will also instruct the client to visit a psychologist in their home country.

After an appropriate egg donor has been found, Päivi contacts the client and informs them of the next steps.

– Should there be a need to provide a semen sample, I will notify the client of the date the delivery should be made at the clinic. I will also inform the client of the date the embryo transfer takes place. I always try to meet the clients personally when they visit the clinic, Päivi says.

– Some clients want to spend time in Finland before the treatment to get to know the country where the donor eggs are from. Some arrive just for the treatments. There are many convenient options for accommodation near the clinics, both in Helsinki and Tampere.

For Päivi the best thing about her job is the positive feedback she receives from clients.

– I am especially happy when I get to see how grateful clients are for the opportunity of new life provided by donor eggs.

Donor Egg and PGS/PGT Treatments in Finland are Safe, Effective and of High Quality

Each year up to 170 clients from abroad visit Ovumia’s fertility clinics mainly in Helsinki and Tampere. In addition to donor eggs, PGS/PGT (pre-implantation genetic screening/testing) is of specific interest. Most of the clients come from Sweden, Germany and other European countries, but there are also clients from North America, Asia and Australia.

Nowadays, information is more readily available, and one can travel conveniently to undergo treatments abroad. Therefore, people can benefit from treatments that are too expensive or unavailable locally. Päivi thinks Finland is a good alternative due to the high level of know-how, monitoring and standards.

At Ovumia the survival rates of donor eggs, that are subjected to the freezing process, are high due to the utilization of a method called vitrification. Additionally, almost all treatments can make use of frozen eggs due to the active donor program. This makes the process easier for the client.

The treatments are also safe. All the donors are young and healthy women, who have passed strict medical screening for infectious and hereditary diseases. They have also been interviewed by a psychologist. In Finland the recipient of the donor egg has to be under the age of 47 for the first treatment, but the extra frozen embryos can be transferred up to the age of 49.

If you are considering donor egg or other infertility treatments at Ovumia, do not hesitate to contact Päivi. She is there to provide assistance for You.

Päivi VirtaPäivi Virta

Patient coordinator at Ovumia clinic in Tampere
Experience with infertility treatments 26 years
Previous work experience mid-wife at the delivery room and maternity clinic in the 80’s and early 90’s
What you didn’t know Päivi has worked in the laboratory during the early days of her career in infertility treatments


Ovumia is the leading clinic in Northern Europe. Over 12.000 babies have been born to our clients. Pregnancy rates with donated egg cells are over 55%. Clinics are located in Tampere, Helsinki and Jyväskylä in Finland and Tallinn in Estonia.

Article by: Anna-Maija Kakkonen

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