Ovumia is a high-quality
fertility clinic located in Tampere, Finland.

The leading clinic in Northern Europe. Already over 9000 babies are born to our clients.
Ovumia operates the Finnish Egg Bank with over 50 % livebirth rate from a single donation.
AVA Clinic Tampere / Fertinova Tampere clinic is part of Ovumia. Center of Reproductive Molecular Biology.

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Ovumia's sister company, fertility clinic Nova Vita, serves their customers in Tallinn, Estonia. We give fertility treatment to over 1700 clients in our clinics annually. Already over 9000 babies have been born to our clients!

The most advanced and effective fertility treatments are available in Tampere, Finland.

Ovumia Fertility Clinic proudly presents: The Happy Family

Ovumia’s fertility consultation is available without queuing and without referral.
Call us at +358 20 747 9310 to learn more and to book an appointment with one of our doctors. For appointments with sperm laboratory, call +358 40 844 2700.

Our office is open Mon-Fri 8.15-15.00.  Sperm laboratory is open Mon-Fri 8.15-15.00.

Ovumia on a summer break during July 6th – 30th

In urgent issues, you may contact Patient Coordinator Päivi Virta.

Email: paivi.virta(at)ovumia.fi
or call +358 400 627 507.

We wish you a relaxing summer time!


Ovumia closed on Easter 14.-17.4.2017

Ovumia is closed on Easter 14.-17.4.2017.

Nova Vita & Ovumia nurses’ meeting about international fertility treatments

Nova Vitas’s nurses Tiina, Merike and Tiina visited Ovumia Tampere on 24.2.2017. They discussed and shared learnings in a joint training program.

The topics of the meeting included e.g. the process of international customers, egg donor treatments and patient – nurse communication.


  1. Nova Vita’s Tiina Lille D discusses about fertilility lab’s current trends with Ovumia’s Laboratory Director Kirsi Kananen and fertility biologist Tiina Tissari.
  2. Nova Vita’s Tiina Untera ja Ovumia’s Merja Ollila discussing about egg donor treatments.


Experienced Ovumia professionals exploring the innovative new possibilities in fertility treatments

Dr Candido Tomás was an invited guest speaker in the world conference of reproductive medicine in Paris. He gave a lecture about embryo transfer.

1) Candido Tomás meeting with Juha Tapanainen, President of ESHRE.
2) The conference brought together more than 1000 experts all around the world.

Ovumia on Christmas break from 24th Dec to 1st Jan

Ovumia is on Christmas break from 24th Dec 2016 to 1st Jan 2017. We are open normally from 2nd January onwards.

During our break in urgent matters you can contact Päivi Virta paivi.virta(a)ovumia.fi or call +358 400 627 507.

Ovumia wishes a merry holiday season to everybody!

Frequently asked questions and their answers

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about fertility tests or treatments, or if you are wondering about something concerning them. We will be happy to talk it over with you!

Many of our customers are interested in the same issues. That is why we have collected some frequently asked questions and their answers to our blog.

Read Ovumia’s blog for more information!

Here are the topics of latest blogs, which you can find under the “Blog” page:

Modern fertility treatments (IVF, ICSI, FET) are effective
Infertility is increasing rapidly all over the western world. In Finland, for example, 27% of 35-year-old women and 40% of men are childless (Statistics Finland). Many of them would like to have children, and more and more people actively seek help from fertility clinics.


Roadshow to Fertility Clinics in Sweden
Ovumia and Nova Vita personnel had a great road trip to Sweden in September, 2016. We met several clinics and exchanged our experiences about the modern infertility treatments.


A new life from deep freeze to parents’ loving arms – Pregnancies via frozen embryo transfers (FET) and egg freezing
With modern fertility treatments life begins with deep-freezing, as embryos can now be safely frozen and stored for future use. This means that the same family can have children who were conceived on the same day but born in different years. Technological progress has also made it possible to freeze and store eggs.


Finnish egg bank produces excellent pregnancy results
Ovumia’s systematic four years of research and development is producing excellent results in fertility treatments using frozen eggs. Thanks to the new freezing technique known as vitrification, the egg bank can be utilised in fertility treatments just like a sperm bank.


Hoping for a child?
Having children is a natural part of life. It can seem unbelievable that almost one out of every five couples has trouble having children. Unfortunately it is true, and there are tens of thousands of couples in Finland who are finding it difficult to conceive. Fertility problems seem to be steadily increasing in society. uni